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Meditation to Quiet the Mind

Meditation is something we each can benefit from on a day to day basis. The stresses of the world and day to day living are a major contributing factor to our health, balance & wellness. It's really guite simple...when you get out of balance it shows up in your health and your interactions with the world. We have, however, a wonderful form of balancing ourselves, and that is with meditation.

Quieting the mind That's what it's all about. Find a comfortable place you can sit upright, propping your back on something at first to get the benefit of a straight spine during your experience.


A little something to eat is ok so you aren't distracted by hunger. Don't worry about all your thoughts. You want to quiet the mind not chase the thoughts away. Just relax and don't worry about whether or not you are doing it right or what's supposed to happen. Just get comfortable and quiet the mind.

There is no right or wrong. You will want to focus but not in a forced manner. Just relax. Each time will be different...you will find yourself resisting taking the time to meditate, but we all want to grow and change so just make a little time each day to blow the stress off and quiet the mind.It eliminates built up and stored up toxins, both physical and emotional ones. It also reduces your heart rate.

You may find that you need guided meditationiconwhich will allow you to relax and simply follow along, while at the same time learning the simple skills that allow you to meditate anywhere and at any time. This amazing DVD will guide you in a 35 minute step-by-step practice of mindfulness so you can calm and center yourself.icon

If you'd like to try some short online guided meditations, check out the Chopra Center's online library!


The How

Sit with your back straight and your hands comfortable on your lap, palms up and legs crossed. You may need to lay down, but sitting is the main way one should venture into their session.

Try doing it for small sessions at first. Don't force yourself to do it for a lot of time at first. After awhile you'll just find yourself taking that time as you need it for balancing your health and well being.

The breath is important. Take deep long inhales thru the nose and long exhales out the nose with a nice rythmic flow.Focus on your breath if you want. It helps you to quiet the mind and find that space.

This is something anyone can do anywhere, so if you need to take the edge off don't limit yourself to once a day. Do it in small sessions throughout the day! Even five minutes is something that is so beneficial to your health & balance.Working up to 15 minutes three times a day or 45 minutes a day in one session, will bring you tremendous health benefits.

It isn't against or part of any religious group to sit and breathe and relieve stress, so why not reap the benefits and quiet the mind.


Turn Time Wasters into Dream Makers

24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds no matter how you express it, we only have so much time each day into which we cram work or school, cooking, cleaning, family time and a myriad of miscellaneous obligations and commitments, all clamoring for our attention. In between these activities are unavoidable traffic jams, grocery lines and waiting rooms, etc., where we find ourselves stuck wasting time while we "hurry up and wait." And so the concept of multitasking was born, and many of us are masters at it. We make lists, plan menus, balance checkbooks, read reports or write them, all in an effort to fill the void, to close the doing-nothing gap, between our hectic, active hours.

But what if there was a way to create the life of your dreams in those "in betweens?" Rather than doing, doing, doing i those free moments, what if you could relax your body, quiet your mind, and just be for a change? And while you are enjoying a little down time, use visualizations, mantras and affirmations to manifest your heart’s desires.

Einstein shared one of the keys to his genius when he said, "Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions." Visualization is the art of using your imagination to "preview your life" in your mind's eye. But first, you must be clear about what you want and then imagine the perfect outcome of it. See yourself excelling at the work, lounging in the home, abounding in the abundance, or loving the relationships that you dream about. When you visualize something you want, you activate and energize your own vibration so that it can begin to resonate in harmony with your desire and set in motion the process of drawing it to you. Get emotional about it though. Allow yourself the supreme joy of actually feeling what you are picturing to supercharge your visualizations.

While the word "mantra" may bring to mind deep meditation or melodic chanting, it can really be as simple as saying a word over and over, and infusing it with your intentions. Use energetic, powerful words, such as "Love,' "Believe," "Joy," "Peace," or whatever mantra resonates with you. Choose a word and repeat it over and over in your mind with a subtle awareness of what it means to you. Internal mental repetition of a mantra may be used to quiet your thoughts or combined with visualization to manifest your intentions.

"But if you wish to enjoy more prosperity and success in life, you have to consciously, boldly and deliberately take hold of your thoughts and feelings and redirect them toward prosperity and success." advises Catherine Ponder in her wonderful book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. And a very effective way to redirect your thoughts is through the use of affirmations. Affirmations are mini but mighty messages that speak directly to your subconscious mind. They are specific, positive statements of whatever you desire to be, do or have. Say affirmations to yourself (or out loud whenever possible) with authority, command, conviction, and especially, with feeling. Your subconscious mind is always working, and always attentive to the words that you feed it. It does not judge, edit or elaborate on your words. It merely produces what you say, think or feel. Joseph Murphy explains in one of the most powerful self-help guides ever written, The Power of Your subconscious Mind, "As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment. Begin now to sow thoughts of peace, happiness, right action, good will, and prosperity."

Using these simple but powerful tools can help you transform so-called "wasted time" into precious contemplative moments that create, uplift and inspire you wherever you are. What a great way to relieve the stress, hold down the frustration, or control the anger of being inconvenienced. But you do not always have to reserve the use of visualizations, mantras and affirmations for your down-time. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. How many can you spare to create your heart's desires?

About the Author: Heart Projects, LLC, is a family business co-owned by a mother/twin-daughters team. Their mission of love is to share their gifts and to help others use the Law of Attraction to manifest their own heart's desires. Heart Projects' product lines include exclusive, gemstone Manifesting® bracelets, bookmarks, key chains and more; and Chakramid™ Chakra gemstone jewelry and accessories.

Use Heart Projects, LLC's new inspirational jewelry and accessory items to help remind you to use mantras, visualizations and affirmations to create your heart’s desires. Please visit their website at www.manifesting.us.

The Place

Some people have that special place they like to meditate...with incense burning and candles, maybe some music playing. It could be a nice place outside or by the water. It doesnt really matter where your place is, just find a nice quiet spot away from everything for the moment and go to that quiet place. Quiet the mind.

When you just go to that place it's for personal growth, spiritual growth, relaxation, and to eliminate negative energies and thoughts. By doing this you will also increase your concentration.

Just sitting, and quieting the mind will change your life. There are definitely different types of meditation practices, so if you want to delve deeper that's always an option.

How many types are there?

Many different types of meditation were taught by the Buddha for particular problems & to develop particular mind states. There are "Five Basic Methods" but the two most common are:

Mindfulness of Breathing (anapanasati) - Practicing this form leads to the removal of defilements and finally to the attainment of nirvana. For a detailed description of anapanasati, Click Here.

Loving-kindness (metta bhavana) - The object is to create love without attachment, or non-exclusive love, toward all sentient (beings that utilize sensory organs). For a detailed description of Metta Bhavana, Click Here.

The three additional methods are Contemplation of Impermanence, Six Element Practice ( earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness)and Contemplation of Conditionality (conditioning and causation that leads to suffering in current and future lives.



Three other important forms are Visualization, Just Sitting and Walking. For more detailed information on Buddhist Meditation, please visit this site.




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